Cornell Memorial Inc.

Professional Services

When a family loses a loved one, we at the Cornell Memorial/Brookfield Funeral Home are especially sensitive to that loss and to the desire of the family to celebrate the life of that person. Through the combined efforts of a fully qualified and dedicated staff we make ourselves available physically, emotionally and professionally to bridge the gap left by that loss. These objectives are obtained through the personal contact of the funeral director and staff with the family members, to develop a ceremony that reflects their loved one's life, and also meets the grieving needs of the family.

Our professional services include traditional services of calling hours, viewing, and funeral ceremonies at either churches, synagogues, or at our facilities, followed by burial or cremation. For many, humanistic services, with family and friend participation, in place of the traditional religious service, is preferred. In any scenario it is our goal to incorporate the deceased personality into every service we assist in.