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For centuries, in almost every religious and secular culture, lighting candles has been a symbol of hope and remembrance. Please light a virtual candle in memory of someone you lost, in hope for someone you know is hurting, or just to send a comforting message to someone special.

To light your candle, just follow these three easy steps:

1.  Enter the name of the person you are remembering:

Lit for:

2.  Enter the name(s) of the candle lighters: ex. Jeanne, Nate and Tyler with love

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3.  Pick a candle

Candle Candle Candle Candle Candle Candle

If you don't find the candles you are looking for, try browsing candles by letter. (Candles may be listed by first name)

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Listing of Candles

5566 lit candles

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   For Madelyn Polubinski  ~Lit by~ Kaelynn and Jack Gonda

   For Madelyn Polubinski  ~Lit by~ Heather Edelmann

   For Madelyn Polubinski  ~Lit by~ Barbara Tenk

   For Mae Booth  ~Lit by~ Russell and Diane Booth Richter

   For Mae Booth  ~Lit by~ Robert Booth Jr. Family

   For Mae Booth  ~Lit by~ Robert & Barbara Booth

   For mae cauzza  ~Lit by~ daniel leni jacob zarate

   For mae cauzza  ~Lit by~ tanya mason peyton romano

   For Mae Demo  ~Lit by~ The Byers Family

   For Mae Demo  ~Lit by~ Tina & John Bresmon and Family

   For Mae Demo  ~Lit by~ The Coles Family

   For Mae E. Demo  ~Lit by~ Ed & Bobbie Eglinton, with love

   For Mae E. Demo  ~Lit by~ Marie and John

   For Mae E. Demo  ~Lit by~ Gavin, Brandon, Shelly, and Joe

   For Mae E. Demo  ~Lit by~ Ruth and Joe

   For Mae E. Demo  ~Lit by~ Gina

   For Mae E. Demo  ~Lit by~ Linda Hansen

   For Mae E. Demo  ~Lit by~ Gail Sweatt Staples

   For Mae E. Demo  ~Lit by~ Cornell Memorial Home

   For Mae Gallo  ~Lit by~ Cathy Maenza

   For Mae Hansen  ~Lit by~ Linda & Richard Nasse

   For Mae Josephine Gallo  ~Lit by~ Dan, Sabrina and Donovan with Love.

   For Mae Josephine Gallo  ~Lit by~ Whisconier Florist

   For Mae Josephine Gallo  ~Lit by~ God Bless You

   For Mae Josephine Gallo  ~Lit by~ Brookfield Funeral Home

   For Mae R. Booth  ~Lit by~ Love & peace ;Rob, Claire & Lily B.

   For Mae R. Booth  ~Lit by~ Joani and Richard with lots of love

   For Mae R. Booth  ~Lit by~ Toni Wallace

   For Mae R. Booth  ~Lit by~ Dale and Robin

   For Mae R. Booth  ~Lit by~ Diane (Cummings)

   For Mae R. Booth  ~Lit by~ Betty Ribeiro

   For Mae R. Booth  ~Lit by~ Ellie & Larry Ness

   For Mae R. Booth  ~Lit by~ Betty Ribeiro

   For Mae R. Booth  ~Lit by~ Nancy & Rob Caruana

   For Mae R. Booth  ~Lit by~ Edward & Lillian Pawlik

   For Mae R. Booth  ~Lit by~ Dave & Annie with peace

   For Mae R. Booth  ~Lit by~ Ed & Brandon with hugs

   For Mae R. Booth  ~Lit by~ Kasey and Joanie with love

   For Mae R. Booth  ~Lit by~ Kathy & Karl Noivadhana

   For Mae R. Booth  ~Lit by~ Amy and Jason Trimnal

   For Mae R. Booth  ~Lit by~ Cornell Memorial Home

   For Mae Rizzo  ~Lit by~ Eleanor Elliott and Family

   For Mae Rizzo  ~Lit by~ Donna Elliott

   For Mae Rose Rizzo  ~Lit by~ cathy

   For Mae Rose Rizzo  ~Lit by~ Cathy Iannone & family

   For Mae Rose Rizzo  ~Lit by~ Andy&Donna Elsenboss

   For Mae Rose Rizzo  ~Lit by~ Edith Flanigen with love

   For Mae Rose Rizzo  ~Lit by~ Lisa and Michael Marucci

   For Mae Rose Rizzo  ~Lit by~ Rebecca & Cory

   For Mae Rose Rizzo  ~Lit by~ Rebecca Rizzo

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